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Softneck Varieties
California Early
Large, slightly flattened bulbs with typically four clove layers and up to 20 pink-blushed cloves. Very vigorous commercial variety grown extensively in California. Good flavour, slightly sweet.
California Late
Matures a few days later than California Early. Smaller bulbs, more purple coloured and denser than California Early. A very adaptable variety, widely grown for its excellent spicy, hot flavour.
Medium-sized, dense white bulbs well suited to UK cultivation. Similar in structure to California Early / Late with up to 25 cloves. Flavour good, strong, hot.
A commercial variety from Austria that performs extremely well in northern Europe. Medium-sized bulbs of good garlic flavour and typically 10 - 12 cloves per bulb.
French commercial variety well adapted to UK cultivation. Large bulbs with 12-16 cloves. Mild flavour in cool climates but well rounded and rich. Stores well.
Large-bulbed, vigorous strain. Top-rated softneck in American taste tests. First discovered on the Colvifle indian Reservation. Typically four to five clove layers with 10-20 cloves. Mild but lingering flavour that can sharpen with storage.
Commercial variety from Hungary. Small to medium-sized, dense bulbs with hot, strong garlic flavour.
French commercial variety. Large, well adapted bulbs of good garlic flavour.
Red Janice
Bulbs with heavy solid stripes over a purple blush. Matures later than most and stores well. Originally from Nmarazeni in the Republic of Georgia and named in memory of Janice Masterjohn, this garlic usually has 8-9 brownish cloves and has a hot, yet rounded flavour.
Solent Wight
Thought to have been developed from the French variety Printanor and grown commercially on the Isle of Wight for a number of years. Similar in form to Mako but with a milder flavour.
Creole Garlic
An excellent variety from Spain also known as Morado de Pedronera. Purple-brown cloves with strong garlic flavour and good heat. Typically 10-12 cloves per bulb, dense, stores well. Common in UK supermarkets.
Morasol and Moraluz: New commercial varieties derived from Morado for their deep red colour. Deep red cloves but otherwise similar flavour to Morado.
Asiatic Garlic
American May
Originally from China, this variety is a product of the American 'virus-free' program and is grown commercially in both the UK and Spain. Up to 10 large cloves per bulb, very easy to peel and quite mild flavoured. Excellent when eaten raw. Prone to physical damage and mould spoilage but very high yielding variety.
Chinese White
Early maturing variety originally from Beijing area. 7-10 cloves per bulb, good flavour, not harsh or hot, keeps well.
Russian Redstreak
A single bulb mutation from the Rocambole 'Russian Red". Medium to large bulbs that are firm and long storing. Initial sharp taste and a flavour that builds up.





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