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Hardneck Varieties
Originally from the Carpathian mountain region of south-east Poland. Plants very vigorous maturing about one week later than Roja. Bulbs veined with purple blotches. Strong garlic flavour, hot and spicy. Typically 6 - 8 large cloves.
Introduced by Italian immigrants, this variety has been grown in the USA for more than a century. Well rounded flavour, not sharp or strong, stores well. Bulbs purple with typically 10 cloves.
French Red
Moderate-sized bulbs with about eight, rose to dark red cloves. Good rich garlic flavour, not sharp, stores very well. Also known as Hannan, the French region of its origin.
German Red
Stock from gardeners of German descent now living in Idaho. Cloves light brown, doubles common. Often 10-15 cloves per bulb, flavour strong, hot and spicy. A mid-season variety.
As its name suggests, this variety is originally from Israel and gives large, well-flavoured purple-white bulbs with up to 10 cloves. A mid-season variety, well adapted to temperate climates.
Found growing wild on a farm in Walton, Ontario in 1990, this garlic gives large bulbs with about six, easy to peel cloves. Flavour full and strong, good storage.
From New York State a variety of excellent flavour. Typically 6-8 large, purple striped cloves.
Introduced to the USA during the nineteenth century and often referred to as 'Greek' or 'Greek Blue'. Described as " the most piquant garlic in the world" and when well grown is said to have the best garlic flavour of all. A mid-season variety with 8-10 pink-tinged cloves.
Another variety from the north-east USA. Good keeping qualities, up to 10 easy-to peel cloves. Well rounded, full garlic flavour, some heat.
Copper-veined and purple-blotched bulbs. A very vigorous garlic that matures a few days after Roja. Average 12 dark brown cloves per bulb, strong garlic aroma when crushed, hot and spicy mellowing to a warm, sweet garlic aftertaste.
Porcelain Varieties
Georgian Crystal
Large bulbs with 4 to 7 cloves and a clean, white appearance. Mild, but very well-rounded garlic flavour excellent for use raw. Harvest about two weeks after California Early. Stores well.
Georgian Fire
Similar to Georgian Crystal but typically 5-8 cloves and raw taste is stronger and hotter. A good salad or salsa garlic.
Tall, dark-green plants with 4-6 cloves per bulb. An excellent variety with a clean, hot, lingering taste. Late maturing, stores well.
Another excellent variety from Canada. Grown commercially for good yields and excellent storage. Strong, hot flavour that falls away quickly to leave a well rounded, rich garlic aftertaste. White bulbs with 6-8 cloves.
Russian Redstreak
A single bulb mutation from the Rocambole 'Russian Red". Medium to large bulbs that are firm and long storing. Initial sharp taste and a flavour that builds up
A commercial variety from Austria with purple-striped bulbs and typically 4-5 large cloves. Strong flavour, stores well.





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