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Garlicworld Links

BusinessVault - The Home Business Resource Centre
Information resources for vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural supplements

  Willingham Nurseries
On-line source of young plants and rooted cuttings 
J & N Contract Packing
Contract food and non-food packers to industry, wholesalers and retail. 

Online gardening directory - hundreds of useful links

Career information for culinary arts, culinary and restaurant management.

Garden Centre Online
Jackson's online plant nursery nursery offers a massive selection of garden plants and garden items online.

Kitchen Gardeners International
Promoting the many benefits of taking an active role in your own food production and preparation.
  Garlic Nutritional Supplements
Learn More About the Health Benefits of Garlic
Pure Produce.
Fresh Produce, Value Added Specialty Food Products, & Organics.
  Plant Cultures invites you to discover more about South Asian plants and the stories they have inspired. AgriFor
A free catalogue of selected Internet resources in agriculture, food and forestry.

Mail Order Seed and Plant Suppliers
The only place in the UK to find where to buy garden seeds and plants by mail order.

Where friends share their triumphs and dilemmas in their gardens and their lives.
  The (Dutch) Garlic Site (Knoflooksite)
No 1 place for garlic in Holland!
The County Club An excellent venue in Guildford for functions, wedding receptions, conferences & meetings  
  Free Credit Scores    

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