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ADAS Reports,  Grower Guides, Cultivation Factsheets and Reports of Experimental Work


  • Report on trials at Efford in Hampshire
    A comparison of the performance of a number of varieties of garlic grown at the experimental station at Efford in Hampshire. 15 varieties were tested including Rose du Var, Fructidor, Morado, Blanc du Connun and Grulurose.
  • Report on garlic production in South-East Wales
    A report prepared for The Development Board for Rural Wales detailing climate and site considerations, cultivation and commercial considerations. The report concludes that garlic could be a suitable crop for growing in parts of Wales.
  • North Maldon Growers - Garlic Production
    A report prepared by S W Perkins of ADAS for the North Maldon Growers group.
  • Vegetables in the 90's - What are the alternatives?
    In this report garlic is considered a suitable alternative crop for UK growers. This short report gives a brief description of production methods and offers a worked example for gross margin calculation.
  • Garlic - Guidelines for cultivation
    This guide brings together the accumulated knowledge of ADAS and was used by the ADAS Vegetable Advisers in the 1980's and 90's.
  • Vegetable Advisers visit to Efford Experimental Horticultural Station



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