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Processed Garlic (with reference to Welsh Processors), continued . . . .

Welsh food processors would want supplies of dried, trimmed, garlic with white skins. There are no preferences for size or variety. Delivery to the processor would be done by the grower in 10 - 20 kg nets or boxes.

High quality is needed and sources are changed at once if there is a problem. One current problem is that of garlic puree turning green during the processing. The cause of this is not known despite enquiries in the food industry and with ADAS. The processors need to buy in all the year round and currently obtain supplies from China, Mexico and Egypt. They are paying (1993) 60p/kg for imported garlic and this is therefore the price they would pay for locally grown material as well.


  1. Technically, there is no reason why garlic could not be grown in the eastern part of Mid Wales. The soils and climate compare favourably with other known garlic growing areas of Britain.
  2. Analysis of the costs and returns, however, show that when based on the price of imported garlic, the home producer would not be able to compete economically.
  3. The major cost by far is the labour element. This would make the crop only of interest to the family farm where family labour was utilised.
  4. Even when the marketing cost (for the wholesale market) is avoided by supplying processors, and the grower avoids the cost of seed by saving his own, profitability is not likely to be high. This will account for the slow take-up of the crop in the UK.


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