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Garlic Gardening Links

Here's a few of our favourite links - e-mail Garlicworld with any new ones that you think deserve including.

Filaree Farm is located in Washington State, USA and although they only ship within North America the site offers an excellent introduction to garlic with details on varieties and classification and a great links page.

Gourmet Garlic Gardens offers you a wealth of garlic information and although again a North American site most of the content is equally valid for the UK and Europe.

The College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan provides details on growing garlic in Canada and includes descriptions, a brief history as well as uses and cultivation practices. For more detailed information about autumn planting of garlic have a look here.

The Natural Food Gardener offers a great introduction to garlic cultivation and has good variety descriptions and links.

The Garden Web is an excellent resource for all gardeners - it even has a European site!

The University of Minnesota Agricultural Extension Service offers one of the most comprehensive sites for garlic gardeners. Content is extensive and includes soils, fertiliser requirements, planting, mulching irrigation, scape removal, weed control, diseases, harvesting and curing, storage and a list of garlic publications - well worth a look!

Also well worth a look is the Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet - Growing Garlic in the Home Garden and one of our favourite sites - The College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University.

Most of these sites offer advice on pest control and garlic diseases but for a comprehensive view take a look at the Texas Plant Disease Handbook - courtesy of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.

A comprehensive guide to growing garlic in Washington State - the garlic seedstock capital of the USA.

Growing garlic in Montana

'Add Garlic to your Garden' (pdf) is another fact sheet on offer - this time from the Alabama Co-Operative Extension System.

The UC Davis, Vegetable Research and Information Center brings you Growing Garlic in California (pdf).

The Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture has a good garlic links page.

The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Co-operative Extension Service offers good advice on The Production and Management of Garlic, Elephant Garlic and Leek.



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