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Fig 6. Normal phase HPLC of dichloromethane extract of aqueous garlic homogenate

((A) before and (B) after the isolation of the methyl 1-propenyl thiosulphinates by C18-HPLC. Supelco LC-Si 250 mm x 4.6 mm column, hexane/isopropanol (95:5), 2.0 ml/min, 254 nm) (1)1-propenyl allyl + allyl 1-propenyl thiosulphinate, (2) allicin, (3) methyl allyl thiosulphinate, (4) 1-propenyl methyl thiosulphinate, (5) methyl 1-propenyl thiosulphinate, (6) allyl methyl thiosulphinate, (7) dimethyl thiosulphinate.