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Taste Panel Evaluation of Garlic Bread

When Dr Sakai garlic is cut or crushed it appears to offer all of the organoleptic attributes of untreated garlic. When processed and used in products such as garlic bread or sauces, tasters have not noted a difference between it and the untreated garlic when used at the same level. Initially, a limited sensory evaluation was undertaken using seven subjects, four of whom ate garlic bread made with Dr Sakai garlic and three of whom ate garlic bread made with untreated garlic. The garlic bread consisted of white French bread covered with a garlic butter containing 12% fresh garlic puree - not a product for the faint hearted!

All tasters had abstained from eating garlic for at least 48 hours prior to the trials. After eating the garlic bread the tasters were asked to exhale slowly at timed intervals so that there exhaled breath could be assessed by trained assessors. Breath quality was scored on a 0 - 9 scale for 'stale' or 'old' garlic smell.

The results indicate that those subjects who ate Dr Sakai garlic (A, D, E, F) had either a very low, continuous background smell or in fact no smell at all. Those who ate product made with ordinary garlic (C, B, G) gave very clear indications of breath mal odour after approximately 1.5 hours had passed. This correlates well with the expected rate of digestion and absorption of garlic in the body.


These results, however limited, do indicate a significant improvement in breath quality in those subjects who ate product made with Dr Sakai garlic compared to those who ate product made with untreated garlic.

It is hoped that this trial can be repeated in the near future using a much larger sample size - the results will be posted here when it has been completed. If you want to be notified when the results are available please contact me.


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