After three years of trials Glen and Gilli Allingham have opted to plant the Canadian variety 'Music' - a Porcelain hardneck variety typically with 6 - 8 large, easy to peel cloves. This variety invariably yields cloves with a well-rounded garlic flavour that lingers in the mouth and is well-suited to the products made and sold by The Really Garlicky Company - garlic bread, garlic butter and cream cheese as well as the whole bulbs of course! Glen and Gilli Allingham sell their products through the many Farmers Markets as well as a number of delis and farm shops. Although their efforts have been concentrated in Scotland they are slowly moving south and now have a few outlets south of the border including Selfridges and Harvey Nicols. The company has just been awarded the Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Award for the quality of their garlic so If you would like to taste the difference contact them here for mail order details.
Garlic Growing in Scotland







This year Craggie Farm has planted 15 acres of the Canadian variety 'Music' at a planting density of 50,000 cloves per acre. Planting is undertaken mechanically into destoned beds which have had a base dressing of P&K. Planting was complete by the end of October 2002.

Nitrogen is applied at a rate of 200kg/ha as growth starts in March and continues through to late May. Early weed control is achieved by the use of Totril and Gesegard while mechanical methods are used as the crop matures.

Scapes are removed in early June and sold locally.

Green garlic is lifted mechanically at the beginning of July .....

Many thanks to Glen Allingham for the photos and I'm sure he'd welcome your comments and questions.

.. with the bulk lifted by the end of the month.

The climate is too unsettled in Scotland for outside drying so Craggie Farm have developed their own special gas drying equipment. Hand finishing and distinctive packaging complete the process.